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PostSubject: Welcome   Sat Jan 31, 2009 5:14 am

Hi and welcome to our forum, this forum was created for entertainment purposes. Please remember to read our Rules before you do anything else. As a gaming forum, we are supposed to be a fun forum, talk about any games, videos or anything that will entertain yourself. You could also use the Request and Suggestions section to make requests or suggest new forums/topics that will make our forum a better place. We have a ranking system for all of our member, depending on your posts and contribution to our community, your rank will get higher and you will have the chance to be an Amin/Mod in the future. The following are the rankings and their posts requirements. Note: This does not mean you are allowed to spam our forum:

Administrator (chosen by Admin)

Moderator (chosen by Admin)

Newbie 0
Jr Member 100
Sr Member 260
Silver Member 400
Gold Member 560
Elite Trusted Member 1100

Our websites does not promote any kind of illegal content including Copy Right Materials or any other material considered illegal. If anyone or any member feels like we are violating their rights please feel free to CONTACT US
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